About Us

"Audrey "36 x 48 Acrylic on Birch Panel


36" x 48"

Acrylic Polymer on cradled birch panel

By Stephen Bray

Since 1987

Fresh Air Shirts' first day of business was in January of 1987 and was established as an airbrush shop located in Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park in Valencia California. I airbrushed thousands of items each month for Park guests and did so for over 20 years until I sold the shop to a good friend of mine at the end of the 2008 Park season.


In 1989 I opened another airbrush shop at 801 Ocean Front Walk in Venice California with a friend of mine from art school, we named it Venice Airbrush and it became world renowned, mainly because of the many international tourists that visited Venice. We painted mostly leather and jean jackets for the tourists and wholesaled our leather work to LA Roxx in Hollywood. LA Roxx sold our jackets to shops all over the world and to many Rock Bands of the day, it was always a thrill when one would turn up in a music video or on stage at a live show I was attending.


I hit the State Fair circuit from 1991-1996 under the name Venice Airbrush and later as California Airbrush. We did Fairs mostly in California, Washington & Colorado.


I started Airbrushing team banners in 1997 and by 2003 started yet another business which I called FASteambanners because Fresh Air Shirts teambanners would have been too crazy long for a website address. We have become known for our super fast turn around time as well as the best airbrush banners on the market, so the name was perfect in its shortened form.


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